Why Akathleptos?

Why Akathleptos? Because it means Uncontainable. God is infinite. Hence, the whole universe cannot contain Him. The term also refers to the incomprehensibility of God. No man can know everything about God. We can know Him personally but not exhaustively, not even in Heaven.

Why Patmos? Because the church is increasingly marginalized and exiled from the culture.

Why Pen-Names? So the focus is on the words and not who wrote them. We prefer to let what we say stand on its own merit. There is precedent in church history for this - i.e., the elusive identity of Ambrosiaster who wrote in the 4th century A.D.

“Truth is so obscured nowadays, and lies so well established, that unless we love the truth we shall never recognize it." Blaise Pascal

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Following The Mob

For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me (2 Tim 4:10)

The PLO leader (and terrorist) Yassir Arafat was notorious for saying one thing in his native Arabic to his rabid followers, and something entirely contradictory in English to the west. Politicians excel at this kind of doubletalk ....... until they get caught and then have to start backpedaling. They shine at pleasing the mob.

Eugene Peterson, translator of the popular bible adaption "The Message" and a favorite in evangelical circles, shocked many this week stating that he’s perfectly comfortable performing a same-sex wedding (see here.) One day later (probably after his literary agent told him he had just committed literary suicide), he released a statement through his agent retracting his comment. (See here.)

Squaring homosexuality with the Bible requires that one either (a) ignore its clear and historic teaching or (2) perform a clever textual sleight of hand. It’s the only two ways one can arrive there. But both ways clearly abdicate revealed truth.

Mob mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. The term “mob mentality” refers to unique behavioral characteristics that emerge when people are in large groups. It is often used in a negative sense, because the term “mob” typically conjures up an image of an aggressive, chaotic group of people. Social psychologists who study group behavior also use terms such as “herd behavior,” "herd mentality" or “crowd hysteria” to describe similar behaviors. The study of mob mentality is used to analyze situations that range from problems during evacuations to public gatherings that turn violent.

Unfortunately, this kind of mentality is surfacing within more and more of the church. Instead of standing firmly against the rising immoral tide, many are being swept out to sea with the mob where they are subject to every wind and current of doctrine and belief - no matter how unbiblical. As the culture disintegrates, more leaders in the Church are tragically capitulating to the mob ... for they loved human praise more than praise from God (John 12:43)

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