Why Akathleptos?

Why Akathleptos? Because it means Uncontainable. God is infinite. Hence, the whole universe cannot contain Him. The term also refers to the incomprehensibility of God. No man can know everything about God. We can know Him personally but not exhaustively, not even in Heaven.

Why Patmos? Because the church is increasingly marginalized and exiled from the culture.

Why Pen-Names? So the focus is on the words and not who wrote them. We prefer to let what we say stand on its own merit. There is precedent in church history for this - i.e., the elusive identity of Ambrosiaster who wrote in the 4th century A.D.

“Truth is so obscured nowadays, and lies so well established, that unless we love the truth we shall never recognize it." Blaise Pascal

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Abortion industry moving from choice to coercion


One day after the Supreme Court struck down abortion-clinic regulations in Texas, the justices now refuse to hear a case challenging a Washington state law mandating that pharmacies dispense abortion-inducing drugs, a move that one pro-life leader says is the latest efforts by liberals to criminalize opposition to their agenda.

... “What this indicates is the ruling class, and the other members of the Supreme Court in particular, are willing to allow the conscience rights of Americans to be violated and obliterated when they don’t fit in with their particular political cup of tea,” said Americans United for Life Spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick.

... “It’s not merely that they didn’t want to sell these drugs. They’re going to be forced to facilitate ending human life through the sale of these drugs. This has implications for medical personnel and nurses who do not want to perform abortions,” said Hamrick.

Story is here.

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