Why Akathleptos?

Why Akathleptos? Because it means Uncontainable. God is infinite. Hence, the whole universe cannot contain Him. The term also refers to the incomprehensibility of God. No man can know everything about God. We can know Him personally but not exhaustively, not even in Heaven.

Why Patmos? Because the church is increasingly marginalized and exiled from the culture.

Why Pen-Names? So the focus is on the words and not who wrote them. We prefer to let what we say stand on its own merit. There is precedent in church history for this - i.e., the elusive identity of Ambrosiaster who wrote in the 4th century A.D.

“Truth is so obscured nowadays, and lies so well established, that unless we love the truth we shall never recognize it." Blaise Pascal

Thursday, September 3, 2015

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days

2015.09.03CameroonKerawa30100Two female suicide bombers slaughter thirty patrons at a market.
2015.09.02YemenSanaa2875Over two dozen worshippers at a mosque are sent straight to Allah by two suicide bombers.
2015.09.02PakistanLatakia1025Sunni extremists set off a car bomb in a town square that claims ten lives.
2015.09.02YemenAmran20Two Red Cross workers are shot to death by militant Muslims.
2015.09.01NigeriaKolori180Boko Haram ride into a town on horseback, shoot eighteen residents to death and steal their food.
2015.09.01PakistanJamrud656A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least six others.
2015.08.31IraqAnbar40Four Shiites are suspended with chains and then burned alive by Sunni extremists.
2015.08.30NigeriaHambagda75Sharia proponents shoot seven innocents to death.
2015.08.29IraqTrebil86Eight people are taken apart by Islamist bomb blasts at a border crossing.
2015.08.28NigeriaBaanu6856At least sixty civilians are massacred by Boko Haram during an indiscriminate attack on a village.
2015.08.27NigeriaKafa40Islamists slit the throats of four fishermen.
2015.08.27PakistanPir Mahal40An al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills three children and their mother.
2015.08.27IraqBaghdad313Muslim terrorists take out three innocents with bombs in two neighborhoods.
2015.08.27IraqKirkuk36Three people are blown apart by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2015.08.27IraqQayara110Eleven Iraqis are executed by the caliphate.
2015.08.27IraqRamadi510Two suicide bombers eliminate five Iraqis.
2015.08.26SomaliaGarbaharey110Eleven people are ambushed and murdered by al-Shabaab.
2015.08.26IranOrumieh10A political activist is hanged for 'waging war on God'.
2015.08.26IraqTal Afar70Seven Kurds are killed by ISIS mortars.
2015.08.26Egyptal-Arish20Two local cops are riddled with bullets by ISIS gunmen on motorcycles.
2015.08.25PakistanGwadar22Muslims toss a hand grenade into a Hindu-owned shop, killing two people.
2015.08.25PakistanLadha30Three security personnel are ambushed and machine-gunned by pro-Sharia militants.
2015.08.25AfghanistanPaktia13A pregnant woman loses her baby after a vicious beating by the Taliban.
2015.08.25IraqFallujah30Three civilians are dragged to the city square and executed by ISIS.
2015.08.25NigeriaDamaturu541Two young female suicide bombers slaughter five people at a bus station.
2015.08.25AfghanistanOruzgan190Nineteen individuals are murdered by the Taliban.
2015.08.25PakistanDera Ismail Khan11A cleric is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.08.25Saudi ArabiaJizan33Shiite radicals cross the border and kill three Saudi guards.
2015.08.25NigeriaMarfunudi2450Two dozen innocent people are massacred by Boko Haram, many with their throats cut.
2015.08.25IraqMosul100Ten people are executed in front of their families by the Islamic State.
2015.08.25IndiaKhanday Pora10A worker for a secular political party is shot to death by Islamists.
2015.08.24YemenTaiz143Seven women and four children are among fourteen civilians obliterated by a Shiite rocket attack.
2015.08.24IraqRamadi86Eight Iraqis are taken out be a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2015.08.24IraqMosul10A man is stoned to death for adultery.
2015.08.24ThailandMuang10A fruit vendor is brought down with a bullet to the neck by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2015.08.24EgyptBeheira323Three security personnel are killed by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2015.08.24EgyptFayoum10A man dies from injuries suffered during a shooting by religious radicals.
2015.08.24AfghanistanShebarghan12Terrorists set off a bomb at a market, but only manage to kill one.
2015.08.24LibyaSirte40ISIS captures and executes four people.
2015.08.24IraqMosul90Nine accused gays are rounded up by the Islamic State and thrown from a roof top.
2015.08.24IraqBaghdad724Three bomb attacks produce seven dead civilians.
2015.08.24TunisiaBouchebka13Religious radicals gun down a customs official at the border.
2015.08.24SyriaKweiris510Fifty-one personnel at an airbase are massacred by ISIS.
2015.08.23SyriaDamascus1053Ten are killed when a Sunni radical group sends mortar shells into a prison.
2015.08.23PakistanBajour23At least two people are killed in separate terror attacks.
2015.08.23SyriaHasakah1350Thirteen people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.08.23IraqBaghdad50Five Shiites are disintegrated by a Sunni bomb blast.
2015.08.23PakistanDasht40The Taliban is suspected of abducting and brutally executing four laborers.
2015.08.23IraqJaramshah230Two dozen people are wiped out by a series of Islamic State suicide bombings.
2015.08.23PakistanTirah50A Jihadi rocket and shooting attack leaves five others dead.
2015.08.22SomaliaKismayo1621A Fedayeen suicide bombing at a university building leaves sixteen others dead.
2015.08.22SyriaKoerse90An ISIS suicide car bomb takes out nine Syrians.
2015.08.22AfghanistanHelmand10The Taliban kidnap and execute the 9-year-old nephew of a former translator.
2015.08.22SomaliaMogadishu57Five civilians are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2015.08.22AfghanistanKabul1266Women and children are among the casualties of a suicide bombing.
2015.08.22PakistanUtmankhel30A 5-year-old child is among three innocents murdered by Khelafat-e-Islamic bombers.
2015.08.22IraqMosul40Three teachers and an engineer are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.22PakistanArang32Three tribal elders are killed by an Islamist bomb.
2015.08.21AfghanistanSar-e-Rawza31Three young children are taken out by a suspected Taliban rocket at their school.
2015.08.21IraqAnbar500Up to fifty Iraqis are reported killed by ISIS in two attacks.
2015.08.21AfghanistanKhas Urozgan86Eight lives are shredded by Taliban bombers.
2015.08.21NigeriaBarkin Ladi20Two Christians are brutally stabbed to death by Fulani.
2015.08.21FranceParis03A Muslim trained by ISIS opens fire with a Kalashnikov on a train before being subdued by unarmed American passengers.
2015.08.21IraqMosul10A man is stoned to death by a Sharia court.
2015.08.21NigeriaDikwa20Two Nigerians are sectionalized by a Boko Haram bomb.
2015.08.20IraqKirkuk60Six men are crucified by the Islamic State.
2015.08.20EgyptShubra029Islamists set off a car bomb in front of an office building.
2015.08.20PakistanHajiabad13Islamists set off a roadside bomb that kills one person.
2015.08.20IraqHawija120A dozen young men are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.20IraqQayara10An imam is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.08.20YemenAden410Sectarian Jihadis set off a bomb that kills four.
2015.08.20RussiaPyatigorsk10A moderate imam is assassinated by more radical co-religionists.
2015.08.20IraqMosul20Two university professors are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.19TunisiaSousse10A traffic cop is shot to death by the Okba Ibn Nafaa Brigade.
2015.08.19SyriaQamishli1340A suicide blast rips through the middle of a town, claiming thirteen bystanders.
2015.08.19PakistanTunsa10An Ahmadi religious minority is murdered by Sunni haters.
2015.08.19PakistanMingora10A teenager is gunned down by the Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2015.08.19IraqTuz50A family of five is neatly disassembled by Mujahideen bombers, including three children.
2015.08.19IraqAlbu Eitha1522Fifteen Iraqis are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.08.18IraqGhazlani50Five women are stoned to death for not wearing the veil.
2015.08.18IraqAnbar2943A series of ISIS bombings and shootings leave thirty dead.
2015.08.18IndiaSopore10Extremists stage a drive-by on a rival mosque, leaving one guard dead
2015.08.18SyriaPalmyra10Islamic purists behead an 82-year-old archaeologist and hang his body from a post.
2015.08.18IndiaTujjar Sharief20Islamic militants gun down two people, including a 70-year-old man in a wheelchair.
2015.08.17IraqRamadi2533Over two dozen people lose their lives to three ISIS suicide truck bombers.
2015.08.17IraqRawa20Two men are crucified by the Islamic State.
2015.08.17NigeriaAwonori70Islamists attack a fishing village and massacre seven residents.
2015.08.17IranMashad10A former interpreter is captured and executed while trying to flee the Taliban.
2015.08.17PakistanOrangi10A prominent Sunni is gunned down in a sectarian attack.
2015.08.17IndiaBamani Chowki10A 17-year-old girl is beheaded by her conservative brothers for having an affair.
2015.08.17ThailandBangkok22125Twenty-two people outside a Hindu shrine in a Buddhist majority country are exterminated by Muslim bombers.
2015.08.17TunisiaMount Mghila20Two security personnel are killed by a landmine planted by Islamists.
2015.08.16PakistanShadi Khan1825Eighteen people are crushed to death when two suicide bombers bring down the roof of a meeting hall.
2015.08.16LibyaSirte40Four Libyans are executed and hung for display by the Islamic State.
2015.08.16ThailandMayo10Suspected terrorists take out a villager with four shotgun blasts.
2015.08.16AfghanistanBadakhshan11Fundamentalists brutally beat a couple in their home, killing the wife in front of the husband.
2015.08.16AfghanistanKhamaab46Four police officers are ambushed and killed by religious extremists.
2015.08.16IraqFallujah1715Three caliphate suicide bombers kill seventeen Iraqis.
2015.08.16AfghanistanSar Gora50Five policemen are drugged and then butchered by a Sunni fundamentalist with a knife.
2015.08.16SyriaRaqqa40Four Syrians are forced to their knees and shot in the head by caliphate members.
2015.08.16Saudi ArabiaJazan20Shiite radicals murder two border guards.
2015.08.16YemenTaiz60Six civilians are pulled limb from limb when Shiite radicals send rockets into their city.
2015.08.15IraqBaghdad537Two suspected ISIS bombs kill five and injure nearly forty.
2015.08.15IraqTaji27Extremists set off a bomb at a car repair shop, killing two.
2015.08.15IraqHabibiya1565Fifteen people at a used car market in a Shiite area are sectionalized by a Mujahideen car bomb.
2015.08.15NigeriaRamirgo37A Shahid suicide bomber takes out three innocents at a market.
2015.08.15IraqMadaen319Three people lose their lives to a Religion of Peace bomb blast at a popular market.
2015.08.15IraqShingal700An ISIS mass grave contains the remains of seventy execution victims, including women and children.
2015.08.15IraqGhazlani150Fifteen women are executed for refusing to marry ISIS militants.
2015.08.15PakistanSheikhan10A man is murdered by religious hardliners.
2015.08.15LibyaSirte120A dozen people are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.08.14LibyaSirte220Twenty-two injured people at a hospital are murdered in their beds by Islamic fanatics.
2015.08.14IraqBaiji75Seven Iraqis are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.08.14IraqMosul40Four politicians are forced to their knees and shot in the head by caliphate members.
2015.08.14MaliBarkerou10A moderate cleric is assassinated by radical co-religionists.
2015.08.14SyriaHoms20Two accused homosexuals are thrown from a rooftop and then stoned.
2015.08.14IraqKirkuk49Terrorists set off a bomb on a bus carrying families, killing four members.
2015.08.14PakistanQuetta10A Shiite is gunned down in a targeted attack by Sunni.
2015.08.14LibyaBenghazi60At least six others are killed during an Islamic State attack.
2015.08.13IraqBaghdad413Four people are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2015.08.13IraqMosul360Thirteen women are among three dozen innocents executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2015.08.13AfghanistanLogar020A Taliban suicide bomber detonates along a city street.
2015.08.13SyriaLatakia214Two people are killed when Sunnis send rockets into a Shia area.
2015.08.13IraqSadr City76212The Islamic State detonates a massive suicide truck bomb in a Shiite market, slaughtering eighty 'charlatans'.
2015.08.13NigeriaKukuwa-Gari1600Boko Haram gunmen invade a village and drive fleeing residents into a river, where one-hundred and sixty are shot to death or drowned.
2015.08.13ThailandMuang10Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a man in the head in front of his wife.
2015.08.13LibyaSirte180ISIS murders a rival preacher, triggering a clash that leaves seventeen others dead.
2015.08.13IraqKhalis418A Jihadi car bomb claims four lives.
2015.08.12SyriaDaraa854Eight civilians die from Sunni shrapnel.
2015.08.12PhilippinesMaimbung10An Abu Sayyaf kidnap victim is found bound in handcuffs and beheaded.
2015.08.12AfghanistanNawur40Four Hazara religious minorities are kidnapped and shot to death by Sunni extremists.
2015.08.12PakistanTirah32Three members of a security patrol are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2015.08.12NigeriaBale Mamman84Eight villagers are shot to death by Boko Haram.
2015.08.12AfghanistanMusa Qala142An insidious attack by Taliban in police uniforms leaves fourteen local cops dead.
2015.08.12SyriaHoms124A mortar attack kills one person in his car.
2015.08.12SyriaGhouta555A mortar barrage by Sunni terrorists leaves five dead.
2015.08.12IraqRamadi1410ISIS roadside bombs produce fourteen dead Iraqis.
2015.08.12PakistanKorangi50Five people at a restaurant are machine-gunned at close range by Muslim terrorists.
2015.08.12MaliBamako20Two people are killed after Muslim extremists open fire in a bus station.
2015.08.12CameroonBlame100Islamists torch a village, leaving ten residents dead.
2015.08.12EgyptSinai10A Croatian surveyor is beheaded by Islamic extremists.
2015.08.11IraqHawija30Three 'youth' are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.11NigeriaSabon Gari4752A female suicide bomber detonates at a packed market, slaughtering fifty innocents.
2015.08.11AfghanistanMahipar11A truck driver is shot to death by religious radicals.
2015.08.11CameroonAchigachia10Religious radicals murder a border guard.
2015.08.11ThailandSai Buri10A 43-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim 'separatists'.
2015.08.11IraqMosul20Two tribal elders are kidnapped and executed by ISIS.
2015.08.11SyriaMarea250Four ISIS suicide bombers slaughter twenty-five 'more moderate' rivals.
2015.08.10LibyaDerna925An ISIS car bomb claims the lives of nine innocents.
2015.08.10AfghanistanKabul516Five people outside an airport are taken apart by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.08.10SyriaAleppo614Three children are among six civilians bleeding to death following a Sunni rocket attack on a Shia area.
2015.08.10IraqHuwaidar5180Fifty people at a market are blown to bits by suicide bomb blast targeting Shia 'rejectionists'.
2015.08.10AfghanistanNangarhar100Ten prisoners are forced by their fundamentalist captors to kneel in a row and then blown up with an IED.
2015.08.10IraqBaqubah725A suicide blast on the outskirts of a town kills seven bystanders.
2015.08.10IraqHassan Shami133Terrorists lay out thirteen Kurds with two missiles fired into their town.
2015.08.10IraqAski Mosul185Nine women and a child are among eighteen civilians aerated by caliphate rocket shrapnel.
2015.08.10MaliDiabozo34Three people are killed when their vehicle hits a Jihadi roadside bomb.
2015.08.10SyriaKuweris180Three suicide bomber take out eighteen Syrians.
2015.08.10ThailandSi Banphot12Muslim gunmen fire on a family, killing one member and injuring two others.
2015.08.09IraqMosul3000Fifty women are among three hundred civil servants executed en masse by the Islamic State for 'promoting ideas that distort Islam'.
2015.08.09Egyptal-Arish23Two local cops are laid out by a fundamentalist bomb blast.
2015.08.09NigeriaNwajurko43Four people are killed when Boko Haram ambush a civilian vehicle.
2015.08.09AfghanistanTir Giran10Fundamentalists take a woman from her home and throw her into a river.
2015.08.09AfghanistanAdam Khan60A Taliban in uniform shoots six local cops in the back.
2015.08.09PhilippinesSulu20Two guards at a market are gunned down by Abu Sayyaf.
2015.08.09IraqGhazlani500University professors are among fifty people rounded up and executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.09IraqMosul60A clan leader and is family are put to death by the caliphate.
2015.08.09SyriaUmm Housh3720At least thirty-seven others are eliminated by a suicide bomber.
2015.08.08IndiaTangdar12A group of militants cross over from Pakistan and murder a border guard.
2015.08.08AfghanistanJalalabad23Two locals are taken out by a Taliban bomb.
2015.08.08AfghanistanSarda10A woman is hanged for adultery by a Sharia court after being raped in front of her family.
2015.08.08AfghanistanKunduz2919A suicide bomber plows into a crowd of people, massacring over two dozen.
2015.08.08EgyptCairo13Militant Islamists open fire on a police vehicle, killing an officer.
2015.08.07BangladeshDhaka10Religion of Peace proponents hack a secular blogger to death for being an 'enemy of Allah.'
2015.08.07NigeriaTadagara90At least nine people are killed when Islamists set fire to their homes.
2015.08.07IraqMosul10A school administrator is executed by the Islamic State.
2015.08.07AfghanistanKabul2628A Fedayeen suicide bomber blasts twenty-six innocents to bits.
2015.08.07MaliSevare138A Fedayeen suicide assault on a hotel used by UN staff leaves thirteen others dead.
2015.08.07AfghanistanKabul910A suicide attack on a military base leaves nine dead.
2015.08.07SyriaHama114Sunni terrorists kill a woman with a bomb hidden on a motorcycle.
2015.08.07AfghanistanKabul20240A suicide bomber detonates in the city center, killing at least twenty civilians, including a teacher and six children.
2015.08.06ThailandNarathiwat13A Muslim bomb claims one life.
2015.08.06IndiaSantgarh20Lashkar-e-Toiba gun down two local cops.
2015.08.06LibyaMisrata10A pro-Sharia group abducts a secular judge, tortures him for a month and then executes him.
2015.08.06IndiaNeelum Valley11Suspected Islamists kill a 13-year-old boy with a bomb resembling a toy.
2015.08.06Saudi ArabiaAbha1525Fifteen worshippers at a mosque are sent straight to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.08.06AfghanistanPul-i-Alam624Doctors are among the casualties of a suicide truck bomb.
2015.08.06PakistanNawabshah11The Tehreek-e-Taliban attack a remote police post, killing an officer.
2015.08.05NigeriaBorno10A kidnapped policeman is beheaded to shouts of 'Allah Akbar'.
2015.08.05IraqHabbaniyah59An ISIS attack leaves five other dead.
2015.08.05SyriaPalmyra20Video is released showing two men being beheaded with knives by the Islamic State.
2015.08.05SomaliaMogadishu10A government official is assassinated by Sharia proponents.
2015.08.05IraqBaghdad413ISIS car bombers kill four Shiites.
2015.08.05IraqDiyala139A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out thirteen Iraqis.
2015.08.05IraqMakhmour12ISIS scores a direct hit on a 20-year-old woman standing outside her home.
2015.08.05IraqMosul150Fifteen Iraqis are lined up and mowed down by ISIS gunmen.
2015.08.05IraqBaghdad612Sunni bombers target a Shia neighborhood, killing ten.
2015.08.04SomaliaJanale10A man is murdered in his own home by al-Shabaab.
2015.08.04AfghanistanBagram12A conservative man shoots his sister for attending a wedding party without permission.
2015.08.04IndiaUdhampur28Militant Muslims attack a police convoy and kill two members.
2015.08.04IraqBaiji32A bomb left in a home by ISIS claims three lives.
2015.08.04EgyptSheikh Zuweid59Fundamentalists blow a family of five to bits, including three children, with a rocket attack on their home.
2015.08.04SyriaRaqqa10A Syrian is executed by the caliph for 'crimes against Allah'.
2015.08.04ThailandNarathiwat11Muslim 'separatists' gun down a civilian in a tea shop.
2015.08.04CameroonTchakarmari720Militants fighting for an Islamic state slaughter seven villagers.
2015.08.04IraqMosul10Caliphate members throw a homosexual to his death from a silo to a baying mob.

* Honor killings appear on the list, but are not included in the counter

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